City Glimpses is a site specific dance project which brings dance performance into the public space, and a sense of magic and poetry into the everyday. It was conceived and directed by choreographer Sophia Lycouris. It was presented at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival between 12 and 27 August 2013. .

Specifically trained dancers (Tessa Goodwin, Georgia F Moffa and Abbie Wood) recreated cinematic story fragments behind glass surfaces around the Edinburgh city centre. They presented dance improvisations based on their personal movement responses to the architectural and dynamic character of the performance sites, and informed by writings on architecture and the urban experience submitted to this project by several authors. Texts include excerpts from the books The Memory Palace: A Book of Lost Interiors by Ed Hollis and Warsaw Surfaces: Transpositions, Objects, Shadows by Ella Chmielewska. Audience members were also invited to submit their own writings that could be used as stimuli for this work: memories, stories, sensations about the urban experience.

The performances took place in three different urban locations simultaneously. Audiences, as well as passer-bys, watched these performances through the glass, while internet users could attend them remotely through live streaming. Musicians of the Edimpro group (including Yati Durant and Michael Edwards) joined this project online and performed their own improvisations, which were available via the streaming page. All performances can now be viewed in the archive.

This work is supported by New Media Scotland and is part of the New Works project, a collaboration between the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh College of Art and Moray House School of Education), led by Professor of New Works Peter Manning, and presented during Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013 under the series title Oxygen.

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