Sir Jackie Stewart Lecture

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Sir Jackie Stewart Lecture

Sir Jackie Stewart is president of Dyslexia Scotland. As a contribution to this project Sir Jackie delivered a lecture to a group of students from the PGDE programme at Moray House.

This lecture, which addresses the impact of dyslexia from the point of view of an individual with dyslexia was recorded in December 2006.

This lecture is available in both WindowsMedia (PCs) or QuickTime (Macs) - To play click on a button.

  1. Intro by Professor Munn, Dean, Moray House School of Education / Incidence of dyslexia
  2. Reflections on school experience / Current case study
  3. Peer group alienation / Lack of identification / Over-representation in prison population
  4. Personality traits
  5. Individual differences / Professorship in Learning
  6. Formula One: attention to detail / Searching for praise
  7. Long term memory / Peer group alienation
  8. Social Justice
  9. Q1: Ensuring a sustained interest
  10. Q2: Thinking ‘out the box’ Part A
  11. Q2: Thinking ‘out the box’ Part B
  12. Q3: Auditory Processing Difficulties
  13. Q4: Resources and approaches / Conclusion

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