The Affective Domain

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Issue 1: Aspects of Dyslexia


Task 1.1 - Literacy skills

  • Look at the video clips below and identify some of the negative feelings that children with dyslexia have experienced during the school day
  • Reflect on any pupils with dyslexia you may have worked with who required support, including pastoral support due to negative feelings
  • Share these with your group
  • Discuss the feelings identified in the videos and from your group discussion
  • List these barriers to children's learning and suggest some classroom strategies to support children and their learning [There may be more than one area of negativity within each clip]

Task sheet AD1.1 - Literacy skills

Negative Emotion Support Strategy











Pupils - literacy difficulties

Bankhead Primary

• Frustrations of writing

Kirkhill Primary

• Reading aloud in class

Alford Academy

• Could do more if writing was cut down

Loirston Primary

• Difficulties

Stonelaw High

• Problems when task isn't understood

Did you notice...?

  • reading aloud
  • writing difficulties
  • processing difficulties