The Affective Domain

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Issue 1: Aspects of Dyslexia


Task 1.2 - Memory

Children with dyslexia have problems remembering. Short term memory is weak and working memory is unreliable. Remembering is an important feature in the learning process. Associated with memory difficulties are problems such as a poor concept of time, difficulties remembering instructions and inconsistency of performance.

Strategies for helping memory include rehearsal, organisation and building expert knowledge. Rehearsal is simply repeating items that have to be remembered. Organisation concerns categorising items and then using triggers, which are usually visual, to recall them. Building expert knowledge is about presenting the information in many different ways so that specific knowledge can be acquired and built on.

  • Listen to the children talking about their difficulties with memory
  • Discuss some simple methods for supporting children who have difficulty remembering things (see statement above)
  • Put the strategies you devised to support memory in to the categories on the task sheet

Task sheet AD1.2 - Memory

Type of Strategy Exemplar Other Strategies







Mind maps


Building expert knowledge


Outside visits



Alford Academy

• Forgets to check homework diary

James Young High

• Remembering names is difficult

Stonelaw High

• Difficulty with memory is annoying

Blackburn Primary

• Short term memory difficulties

Stonelaw High

• Remembering names