The Affective Domain

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Issue 1: Aspects of Dyslexia


Task 1.3 - Concept of time

Concept of time is a further difficulty. Learning to tell the time can be hard but the greater problem is having no concept of time. As an example, pupils with dyslexia making their way to school in the morning may know that there are ten minutes until the school bell rings but judging whether the remaining journey to school can be completed in ten minutes is a separate issue.

  • Listen to the pupils
  • Discuss and list examples of tasks pupils face where having a poor concept of time could be an issue
  • Note any support strategies or accommodations which could be offered

Task sheet AD1.3 - Concept of time

Support strategies/accommodations for difficulties with concept of time
















Loirston Primary

• Difficulties with concept of time

Sandy & Alison, David's parents
Balbardie Primary

• Parent's view of son's language difficulties