The Affective Domain

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Issue 2: Secondary Aspects of Dyslexia


Task 2.2 - Tiredness

Tiredness is a secondary aspect of dyslexia. Children with dyslexia often experience difficulties in the classroom associated with the extra effort required in accessing the curriculum. Processing information, either verbal or written demands extra effort. The added pressure for many of trying to appear ‘non dyslexic’ can lead to exhaustion by the end of the school day.

  • Listen to the clips below
  • Discuss how you might accommodate tiredness within a classroom situation
  • Note how awareness of this tiredness in pupils with dyslexia might influence the accommodations you offer when setting homework tasks

Task sheet AD2.2 - Tiredness

Homework accommodations


David & Angela, Sarah's parents
Kirkhill Primary

• Dyslexia is tiring

Tanya, Callum's mum
Nethermains Primary

• Dyslexia is tiring

Laura Compton - ICT Curriculum Dev. Officer - West Lothian


• Timing for ICT has to be right

Alford Academy

• Feelings about Maths


Homework takes pupils with dyslexia longer to complete therefore offering extra time is not always the answer. You might like to think about other accommodations.