The Affective Domain

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Issue 4: Whole school approaches


Task 4.1 - At transition

Pupils with dyslexia have particular needs at transition time. Sometimes extra visits in small groups and whole school approaches to support can ease the process.

Anne Bell
Alford Academy

• Extra visits for vulnerable learners

Jill Genoe - HT
Bo'ness Primary

• At risk of bullying

Annette, Amelia's mum
Alford Primary

• Support needed in S1

Elaine Fish & Linda Assur - Transition Group workers

• Transition group's relationship with secondary staff

Jan Davidson
Bathgate Academy

• Supporting departments via CPD

Jan Davidson
Bathgate Academy

• Using Dictaphones and USB keys for homework

Sandy & Alison, David's parents
Balbardie Primary

• Importance of metacognitive strategies