The Affective Domain

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Issue 4: Whole school approaches


Task 4.2 - At Parents' Evenings

For some parents, reports and parents' evenings can be fraught with anxiety. Often, subject teachers do not actually acknowledge to parents that they are aware that their children are dyslexic. Parents and pupils say they would appreciate teachers acknowledging this. Some parents, however, feel that teachers are not always aware of the various aspects of dyslexia.

Neil, Greg's dad
Alford Academy

• Teachers may not have known about Greg's dyslexia

Annette, Amelia's mum
Alford Academy

• Feel the need to prove Amelia's dyslexia

Norah, Jamie's mum


• Support for Learning department have been excellent

Sandra, David's mum
Stonelaw High

• Dyslexia was not mentioned at Parent's Evening