The Affective Domain

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Issue 4: Whole school approaches

Theme: Whole school approaches
Aim: To consider whole school responses to supporting pupils with dyslexia and their parents/carers
Target group: Department/Faculty Heads
Senior Management Teams

The previous sections have highlighted the need for a stress free environment for learning as well as practical approaches and strategies for supporting pupils with dyslexia. It is self-evident that other pupils in the class will benefit from this as well. However, additional benefits for all accrue when dyslexia and literacy difficulties are approached as a whole school issue.

Tasks 4.1, 4.2 & 4.3

  • Listen to the interviews presented in the following three tasks -
    Task 4.1 - At transition
    Task 4.2 - At Parents' Evenings
    Task 4.3 - At assessments
  • Discuss what happens in your school to support pupils with dyslexia and their parents over and above what you have heard
  • List any changes on Task sheet 4 which you might consider appropriate

Task sheet AD4








Parents' evenings