The Curriculum

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Background statement

Pupils with additional needs often require support to become 'successful learners'. An awareness of the difficulties pupils with dyslexia face allows teachers to consider which learning and teaching approaches might support access to the curriculum. Often class/subject teachers can offer appropriate support without the direct involvement of Pupil/Learning Support and sometimes all that is required is some consultation time.

In this i-Paper pupils and teachers talk about difficulties in different subject areas. Pupils then talk about the different ways teachers can help and teachers discuss learning and teaching approaches they have found to be successful.

Policy Document quote

A Curriculum for Excellence (2004) states:

"Our aspiration for all children and for every young person is that they should be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society and at work. By providing structure, support and direction to young people's learning, the curriculum should enable them to develop these four capacities."

• A Curriculum for Excellence