The Curriculum

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Issue 1: Difficulties accessing the curriculum


Task 1.3 - Teacher perspectives

  • Listen to teachers give their view of the key difficulties for pupils with dyslexia in their subject areas
  • Note down the key difficulties they highlight
  • Pull out and note the common issues they identify
  • Identify some other difficulties in your own subject area and share these with your group
  • List them also

Task sheet C1.3

Teacher Key difficulties

Common issues

Further subject specific difficulties


Grant Cowan


• Need to make English a positive experience

Francesca McKenzie
Cults Academy

• Confidence is an issue

David Goldie
Denny High

• Communication is the main difficulty


Peter Macklin
James Young High

• Following instructions is difficult for pupils


Eleanor Stevenson
Cults Academy

• Assessment difficulties


David McGhee
Kincorth Academy

• History is too word based for pupils with dyslexia