The Curriculum

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Issue 1: Difficulties accessing the curriculum

Theme: Difficulties accessing the curriculum
Aim: To identify difficulties experienced by pupils with dyslexia in different subject areas
Target groups: Subject teachers
Department/Faculty groups

Access to the curriculum

"Pupils with disabilities should as far as possible have access to a full and broad curriculum similar to that followed by their non-disabled peers. At the same time, many of these pupils may need additional support and/or different approaches to teaching to enable them to learn and to benefit from the curriculum. Clearly adjustments to allow pupils to access a full curriculum will still need to be provided on the basis of individual pupils' needs and therefore will continue to be made available through the SEN framework or in response to the new disability discrimination Act duties."

Planning to Improve Access to Education for Pupils with Disabilities
Guidance on Preparing Accessibility Strategies (SEED 2002)