The Curriculum

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Issue 2: Developing appropriate teaching approaches

Theme: Developing appropriate teaching approaches
Aim: To consider teaching approaches which might support pupils with dyslexia in a secondary subject class
Target groups: Subject teachers
Department/Faculty groups

Challenges and enjoyment

"Young people should find their learning challenging, engaging and motivating. The curriculum should encourage high aspirations and ambitions for all. At all stages, learners of all aptitudes and abilities should experience an appropriate level of challenge, to enable each individual to achieve his or her potential. They should be active in their learning and have opportunities to develop and demonstrate their creativity. There should be support to enable young people to sustain their effort."

• A Curriculum for Excellence: Principles for curriculum design

"The people best placed to make judgements about the learning needs of individual young people are those who work with them most closely. Within a framework of clear national standards and local authority support, teachers and other professionals in schools must have the freedom to exercise their professional judgement to deliver excellent learning and teaching. We will act to give them that freedom."

Ambitious, Excellent Schools (2004) p14, A Curriculum for Excellence