The Curriculum

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Issue 3: Whole school considerations


Task 3.1 - Interesting practice

  • Listen to pupil support teachers and principal teachers discuss ways in which subject teachers can be supported at school level to offer sensitive differentiation and/ or accommodations to pupils with dyslexia
  • Identify and share with your group any further whole school approaches you have found effective
  • Create a list of interesting practice from the videos and your group discussion
  • Put an asterisk at any of these approaches you may want to introduce to your school to support pupils with dyslexia
  • What actions could you take to incorporate these approaches at school level?

Task sheet C3.1 - Interesting practice

Interesting practice


Jan Davidson
Bathgate Academy

• Working with departments on curriculum development

Jan Davidson
Bathgate Academy

• Challenge of differentiating materials

Tim McKay - Rector
Alford Academy

• Meeting pupils' needs

Eleanor Ross, PTML
Cults Academy

• Principal teachers support subject teachers

Margaret Thomson
Bo'ness Academy

• Development work ongoing to support departments

Mary McGovern, PTLS


• Resources for pupils with lower reading ages

Alan Barbour


• Effective strategies need to be shared