Parents' Transition Insights

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Phase 1: Primary 7 - Looking forward to secondary school


Issue 1.2: Parents' views of their children's strengths

The parents who talk in the following clips about the strengths that their children have based their thinking on the observations that they have made over several years and as a result of taking an interest in their children's education. It is important to note that children with dyslexia differ in their individual strengths and talents but the key point to remember is that all children have skills and talents that can be described as strengths that are unique to them. Sometimes particular talents come about as a direct result of being dyslexic. A number of children in the study had strengths in the creative arts. Such creative strengths and talents are highlighted in the video clips but this does not mean that children with dyslexia are only good at creative and practical subjects. Good support systems in schools, support at home and their own determination and perseverance are essential ingredients in future success. Children who are dyslexic have to believe in themselves and parents can foster and nurture this belief.

Tanya, Callum's mum

• Particular subjects looked forward to

Fiona, Greg's mum

• Parent's view of child's strengths

Annette, Amelia's mum

• Parent's view of child's strengths

Jackie, Donald's mum

• Looking forward to secondary

Sandra, David's mum

• Looking forward to secondary