Parents' Transition Insights

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Phase 1: Primary 7 - Looking forward to secondary school


Issue 1.3: Parents' concerns about S1

The transition from primary into secondary is an anxious time for many parents and children. The secondary school presents a number of challenges for children with dyslexia. They may be separated from their friends, find it difficult to remember the names of their teachers, have problems finding their way around or remembering which books are required for which days. Hopefully they will have had an opportunity to experience the secondary school on visits before making the transfer. Most schools now offer transition programmes which begin in primary and continue into secondary. Pupils on entering S1 are often paired up with a 'buddy' who helps the new S1 pupil to find his or her way around.

The video clips which follow highlight the concerns that a number of parents had for their child moving into S1. It is important to remember at this point that many children have a very smooth transition and that they often are very excited about going to the secondary school as they see this as a step on the way to being very grown up.

Sandy & Alison, David's parents

• Concerns about son giving up

Jackie, Donald's mum

• Concerns for S1

Annette, Amelia's mum

• Parent's concerns for secondary

Pam, Connor's mum

• Parent's concerns for secondary

Pam, Connor's mum

• Homework concerns

David & Angela, Sarah's parents

• Parent's concerns

Tanya, Callum's mum

• Accommodations needed for homework