Parents' Transition Insights

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Phase 2: S1 - Now we are here


Issue 2.1: Settling in: positives

Parents and children were interviewed in the first term of S1 to find out how smooth the transition to secondary had been and how the children were settling in. Parents reflected on their experiences over the first three months. In most cases parents were happy that their children were settling in and had a circle of friends.

Most pupils reported that they liked the opportunity to change classes frequently and parents said that finding their way around the school had not been the problem their children had thought it would be. The issue of bullying was a concern given by many pupils in P7 but pupils reported in S1 that there has been no need to worry about this. All pupils were aware of a member of staff they could talk to if they found the need.

There were, however, some concerns in the first term which will be highlighted within the issues presented in this section.

Alison, Steven's mum

• Steven has settled in well

Tanya, Callum's mum

• Really pleased about Art

Norah, Jamie's mum

• Jamie has settled in well

Alison, David's mum

• David has settled in well on the whole

Sandra, David's mum

• School phoned to say David had settled well

Neil, Greg's dad

• Greg is happy at school

Annette, Amelia's mum

• Amelia has settled in well

Jackie, Donald's mum

• All appears to be well so far

Pam, Connor's mum

• Connor is enjoying S1