Parents' Transition Insights

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Phase 2: S1 - Now we are here


Issue 2.3: Reflecting on concerns

In phase one parents shared their concerns about what might happen in S1. In this section parents reflect on those concerns now that their children have made the transition. In the main the parents have been happy that the settling in period seems to have been successful and that their children are coping. There were, however, some concerns. One in particular relates to the problems with learning a second language. Often, success in a modern language for a pupil with dyslexia depends on the teaching approaches selected. It is important to know that it is no longer compulsory to learn a second language but it is an individual choice for parents and children. Some children who are dyslexic cope better with languages than others, particularly if their dyslexia is relatively mild. Such decisions must be weighed against children's feelings of unhappiness as in the case of two of the children discussed in the video clips below.

Early concerns/issues

See also Issue 4, 'Support' and Issue 5 'Homework'

Modern Languages

Alison, David's mum

• School was happy to be flexible

Alison, Steven's mum

• Concerns for French

David & Angela, Sarah's parents

• French causing concern

Pam, Connor's mum

• French can be a problem

Other concerns

Teachers understanding of dyslexia

Neil, Greg's dad

• Teachers don't always appreciate impact of dyslexia

Having to remember so much

Pam, Connor's mum

• Memory can be a problem

Copying from board

Sandra, David's mum

• Teachers need to know copying from board is difficult

Concerns for future

Tanya, Callum's mum

• Concerns over reading skills

Neil, Greg's dad

• Concerns are more for the long term