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Phase 2: S1 - Now we are here


Issue 2.5: Homework: Are there problems?

Parents may become aware of an increase in their child's homework when they move into S1. Homework may become a problem for the child with dyslexia as it will require good organisation of time and often depends on the child having copied down the homework correctly. The same difficulties that are apparent in class work will appear in homework and your child may need your support at home. Such support should not be at a level where you are doing the work for your child but rather that you are helping him/her to understand exactly what the teacher expects.

One parent in the video clips talks about unfinished class work going home to be completed. This could become a problem as children with dyslexia usually take longer to complete all work and therefore, if the work set in class is too much to complete then taking it home will become an issue.

Many children in the study had few if any problems with homework in the early part of S1 and seemed to be coping well and experiencing success. If this is the case with your child then you will be able to relax but it would be a good idea to keep monitoring the situation.


It would be helpful if you remind your child about homework and about setting aside enough time to carry it out. Agree a time and place and a time limit. If you feel that work is being sent home because it has not been completed in class, you should contact the school to explain that the amount of work needs to be re-assessed.

Some parents reported that very little homework was given in S1. If this is the case, don't complain! Use time after school to allow you child to relax, join clubs or follow special interests eg drama groups, sports, music etc.

Alison, Steven's mum

• Homework is no problem

Annette, Amelia's mum

• Homework isn't a problem

Sandra, David's mum

• Copying homework to diary is a problem

David & Angela, Sarah's parents

• Homework is done by Mum

Neil, Greg's dad

• Homework needs to be monitored

Alison, David's mum

• Unfinished work was sent home