Parents' Transition Insights

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Phase 3: S1 - How has it gone?

Phase 3: S1 - How has it gone?

The pupils and their parents were interviewed again towards the end of S1. The parents' reflections on this important transition year are presented in this section. In all cases, parents reported overall a successful first year. A recurring feature here is the fact that they have maintained contact with the school throughout the year and have kept a keen eye on their child's progress.

It is important to remember, however, that children should be supported to reach their full potential. The Scottish Executive have recently published 'A Curriculum for Excellence', a publication which states:

"Our aspiration for all children and for every young person is that they should be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society and at work. By providing structure, support and direction to young people's learning, the curriculum should enable them to develop these four capacities."

Reports that teachers are 'quite happy' and that pupils with dyslexia are 'coping' may suggest that more could be achieved with appropriate differentiation of learning and teaching approaches. It is important that parents discuss developments at school with their children and maintain close links with the school to ensure every opportunity for success.

"Young people should find their learning challenging, engaging and motivating. The curriculum should encourage high aspirations and ambitions for all. At all stages, learners of all aptitudes and abilities should experience an appropriate level of challenge, to enable each individual to achieve his or her potential. They should be active in their learning and have opportunities to develop and demonstrate their creativity. There should be support to enable young people to sustain their effort.

A Curriculum for Excellence

Raymond, Gavin's dad

• Gavin has coped well in S1

Jackie, Donald's mum

• Parents' Evening feedback was excellent

Sandy & Alison, David's parents

• School has given David good support

Tanya, Callum's mum

• Callum seems more content

Tom, Steven's dad

• Positive report from every teacher

Sandra, David's mum

• Most subject teachers were happy

Annette, Amelia's mum

• Amelia has had a good year

David & Angela, Sarah's parents

• Sarah is making progress now

Alison, Steven's mum

• Generally pleased with S1

Norah, Jamie's mum

• Support for Learning department have been excellent

Parents' final reflections

Raymond, Gavin's dad

• All teachers need to understand

Audrie, Marcus's mum

• Family was concerned about transition

Tanya, Callum's mum

• Have confidence in your child