Pupils' Transition Insights

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Phase 1: Primary 7 - Looking forward to secondary school

• Looking forward to secondary

• Art, Maths & PE enjoyed in P7

• Support in secondary

• Concerns about not having help

• In-class support

• Thinking about dyslexia (i)


Phase 2: S1 - Now we are here

• Changing classes is good

• Readers are available in class

• Not sure which teachers know about dyslexia

• Breaks between classes are good

• Meeting others with dyslexia would be good


Phase 3: S1 - How has it gone?

• Size of school was a concern

• Class would ask too many questions

• Teacher reads out Maths tests

• Tests are easier with a scribe

• Teachers all know Sarah is dyslexic

• Need to get to know the teachers

• Things are OK now

• If you need help go and tell someone