Use of Technology

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Issue 1: Inhibiting factors to effective use of technology


Task 1.1 - Inhibiting factors

  • Listen to the following extracts
  • Identify and note down some of the inhibiting factors in using technology as a learning support mechanism. These factors have been grouped in the task sheet under six headings. Please add in others which you may identify
  • Relate these issues to current or past pupils


    Discuss within your group pupils who come to mind, giving examples of the inhibiting factors

Task sheet T1.1 - Inhibiting factors

  Inhibiting factors

Induction & support






Emotional & Motivational




Teacher attitude




Pupils' views

Bankhead Primary

• Fear of being different

Stonelaw High

• Don't want to be singled out

Denny High

• Need to explain use of AlphaSmart to class

Kincorth Academy

• Don't like using a laptop in class

Teachers' views

Louise Wood - Support for Learning, Bo'ness cluster
Grange Primary

• Rejection of AlphaSmarts

Alan Barbour


• Laptops not so useful in Science

Laura Compton - ICT Curriculum Dev. Officer - West Lothian


• Use of AlphaSmarts in P7/S1

Cathy McAuley
Stonelaw High

• Typing skills are important

Parents' views

Tanya, Callum's mum
Denny High

• AlphaSmart demonstration required?

David & Angela, Sarah's parents
Kincorth Academy

• Laptop is not used