Transfer of Information

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Background statement

Authority policy documents and guidelines promote strong links between the secondary school and the primaries within their learning community. These links are of vital importance at the time of transition. Systems to transfer information relevant to pupils with additional support needs should be robust and usable.

Pupil Support/Support for Learning in primary and secondary make great efforts to collate and transfer relevant information on pupils with additional support needs. Pupil Support departments have different methods of storing, condensing and making information available to subject teachers.

Some pupils and parents report that they are uncertain as to whether or not all subject teachers are aware of the fact the pupils are dyslexic and that dyslexia is not acknowledged at parents' evening. This would suggest that not all teachers have an opportunity to access transfer information.

In order that schools can be proactive in their support of pupils with dyslexia it is important that subject teachers access important information before their initial meetings with new classes. It is also therefore important that this information be as easily accessible as possible.

This paper will examine the process of the transfer of information from the primary teacher to the receiving secondary subject teachers.

Policy Document quotes

All children and young people go through transitions in their school education. Early or timely planning is required to ensure continuity and progression between stages or breaks in education.

Supporting Children's Learning Code of Practice (p73)

Education authorities should have appropriate arrangements in place to ensure that changes in school education for all children and young people can be as smooth as possible. Effective planning helps to promote shared understandings and close communication among all relevant persons and, above all, helps to ensure that any required action is co-ordinated appropriately.

Supporting Children's Learning Code of Practice (p73)

Supporting Children's Learning: Code of Practice