Transfer of Information

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Issue1: Co-ordination of information


Task 1.1 - Coordinating information

You may wish to work in small groups with relevant colleagues from primary and secondary with different responsibilities for the transfer of information.

  • Listen to the ways different schools handle this issue
  • Think about and discuss practice in your own learning community

Now consider:

  • whether there are aspects of your own community's practice which could be enhanced or streamlined
  • whether the process is consistent across your learning community
  • whether or not it needs to be

Task sheet TI1.1 - Coordinating information

Possible changes to current system











Dorothy Connelly - P6 to S2 coordinator
Stonelaw High

• Transferring information from primary to secondary

Jo Fisher - HT
Tough Primary

• Transfer of information

Anne Bell
Alford Academy

• Transfer of information (i)

Anne Bell
Alford Academy

• Float system helps primary/secondary liaison

Anne Bell
Alford Academy

• Transfer of information (ii)

Charlie Marr - Pupil Support teacher
Bo'ness Primary

• Secondary - primary liaison

Helen McGarvie - DHT & Support for Learning Coordinator
Blackburn Primary

• Review meetings