Transfer of Information

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Issue1: Co-ordination of information


Task 1.2 - Tracking the transfer of information

With consultation time at a premium, it is important that the process of the transfer of information is clear, the information is relevant and concise and that access by subject teachers is as unproblematic as possible.

  • Examine the flow charts below
  • Compile a flow chart on task sheet 1.2 of the process of transfer within your own learning community.

Is your diagram clear and straightforward or is the emerging picture one of confusion?

  • List the strengths of your process
  • Consider whether or not there may be duplication of effort at any point?

The ultimate aim of the transfer of information is that it should pass from primary class teacher (CT) to each secondary subject teacher (ST) (see diagram 1).

Diagram 1

This information usually goes via Pupil Support (PS)/Support for Learning (see diagram 2)

Diagram 2

Information gathering is a two way process with the primary collating and passing to the secondary but the secondary also visiting the primary school (see diagram 3)

Diagram 3

Some authorities have primary/secondary coordinators/float teachers (P/S Coord) who are also used as a source of information by subject teachers (see diagram 4)

Diagram 4

If guidance is a separate department in secondary, information can also transfer between the primary school and the Guidance Dept (G) and from Guidance to subject teachers (see diagram 5).

Diagram 5

Sometimes the information goes from the secondary Pupil Support via the department/faculty head (HoD) and then to the subject teacher (see diagram 6).

Diagram 6

There are therefore numerous possible pathways for the transfer.

Diagram 7

Task sheet TI1.2 - Tracking the transfer of information

Flowchart of transfer of information













Strengths of existing process







Possible streamlining required