Transfer of Information

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Issue1: Co-ordination of information

Theme: Co-ordination of information
Aim: To examine ways in which learning communities gather transfer information on pupils with additional support needs and to consider whether there may be a need to streamline systems within communities
Target groups: The Transition Team
Pupil Support
SMT Representative

In different authorities responsibility for gathering and coordinating relevant information may rest with pupil support, management team or teachers with a particular remit for transition. Easily accessible relevant information can enhance subject teachers' awareness of a specific pupil's needs. To be effective, this process may need to be streamlined and/or reviewed.

Information is transferred through several stages involving different professionals. As you work through this issue try to understand:

  • the needs and responsibilities of all the professionals
  • the quality and usefulness of the information
  • the reliability of the recording/transfer systems
  • the need to condense the information for access by subject teachers

As an introduction to this i-Paper begin by noting down:

  1. Why we transfer information
  2. Who needs to know this information