Transfer of Information

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Issue 2: Disseminating and accessing information

Theme: Disseminating and accessing information
Aim: To clarify the process by which subject teachers can access information on pupils with dyslexia
Target groups: The Transition Team
Pupil Support
SMT Representative
Subject teachers

From the videos viewed in Issue 1 systems for the transfer of information between the primary and receiving secondary school would appear to be firmly in place. It is clear that a great deal of planning and liaison occurs between the primary schools and the Pupil Support departments in the secondary regarding pupils with dyslexia.

In order for secondary schools to be proactive rather than reactive where pupils with dyslexia are concerned it needs to be established:

  • what information the Pupil Support department need
  • what information subject teachers need

The purpose of the information is not that it should be used as a resource for reference when things go wrong but that it should result in subject teachers being proactive in planning and understanding possible difficulties pupils with dyslexia may experience within their classes.