Transfer of Information

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Issue 3: Usefulness of information


Task 3.1 - Using the information

Listen to the teachers below and then:

  • consider how useful you find the transfer information passed to you
  • note down any changes to the content or format this information takes which might make it more useful to you
  • consider in particular transfer and access via the school intranet

Task sheet TI3.1 - Using the information

Uses for information









Changes to content/format for own school











Grant Cowan


• Transfer of information via booklet

Alison Campbell
Stonelaw High

• Information is useful to subject teachers

Corrine Digges
Kincorth Academy

• Usefulness of transfer information

David Goldie
Denny High

• Transfer information helps to position pupils in class

Katherine Smith
Kincorth Academy

• Information needs to be revisited after initial contact with class

Mary O'Neill
Denny High

• Useful to know about pupils in advance