Transfer of Information

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Issue 3: Usefulness of information


Task 3.2 - Impacting on practice

Teachers in primary schools can have detailed knowledge of all their pupils and, as such, can introduce appropriate learning and teaching strategies to support them in their learning. Gaining this detailed knowledge is more of a challenge for secondary teachers who have less contact with their pupils. However, the information available can be of great help in this area.

Subject teachers often find that alterations to teaching approaches require to be slight. Small changes in approaches can make huge differences to pupils with dyslexia.

The following teachers talk about ways in which they use the transfer information to inform their planning and teaching. As you listen think about:

  • how the teachers interviewed used the transfer information
  • what information you consider to be important
  • how an IEP may inform planning

Task sheet TI3.2 - Impacting on practice

How transfer information is used by subject teachers






Transfer information considered important






How an Individualised Educational Programme (if one is in place) can inform planning






Grant Cowan


• Impact of information transferred to S1

Alison Campbell
Stonelaw High

• Appropriate information informs planning

Corrine Digges
Kincorth Academy

• Impact of information less when classes are set

Eleanor Stevenson
Cults Academy

• Opportunities for peer support

Katherine Smith
Kincorth Academy

• Information lets you know what to expect from pupils