Transfer of Information

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Issue 3: Usefulness of information

Theme: Usefulness of information
Aim: To establish links between transfer information accessed and impact on practice
Target group: The Transition Team
Pupil Support
SMT Representative
Departments/Faculty groups
Subject teachers

Where children or young people require more detailed planning for learning than can be catered for through personal learning planning, or where substantial adaptation to the curriculum is being considered, an individualised educational programme may be appropriate. An individualised educational programme describes in detail the nature of a child or young person's additional support needs, the ways in which these are to be met, the learning outcomes that are to be achieved and specifies what additional support is required, including that required from agencies outwith education

Code of Practice, p42.

It is evident that a great deal of time is spent gathering information on pupils entering S1. It is important therefore that schools evaluate how the information passed to subject teachers is used.