Transfer of Information

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Issue 4: Action Research

Theme: Action Research
Aim: To conduct a piece of research to establish any inhibiting factors to accessing transfer information
Target group: Subject teachers
Pupil Support
SMT representative

You might like to conduct the following piece of research in relation to the transfer of information.

Identify the problem

A short questionnaire distributed to teachers in your school could help to establish the accessibility and usefulness of transfer information. Find out teachers' views on:

  • appropriateness of transfer information
  • accessibility of transfer information
  • possible changes to the current system which might facilitate access

Devising solutions

Identify any points of breakdown in the process and consider, with colleagues, possible changes which might facilitate access to and use of transfer information.

Trying them out

Decide who in your school needs to be made aware of your results. Can changes be implemented before you begin to receive information about the new S1 pupils?

Evaluating the results

Evaluate, before the end of the first term, the success of this new process and make any further changes necessary.