The Process of Transition

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Background statement

The move from primary to secondary education is an important yet anxious time for all children, but can be especially difficult for children with dyslexia and their parents. Within the transition period, research has shown that the first six weeks of secondary education are of crucial importance for the self-concept of vulnerable learners. Recent legislation has encouraged secondary schools to examine policy and guidelines for pupils considered to have additional support needs. Dyslexia at Transition aims to facilitate the primary/secondary transition for children with dyslexia and encourage secondary schools to consider ways in which they could welcome children to their first year of secondary education.

Many education authorities offer enhanced transition programmes for pupils with additional support needs. This i-Paper explores enhanced transition arrangements for pupils with dyslexia.

Policy Document quotes

"All children and young people go through transitions in their school education. Early or timely planning is required to ensure continuity and progression between stages or breaks in education."

Supporting Children's Learning Code of Practice

"Education authorities should have appropriate arrangements in place to ensure that changes in school education for all children and young people can be as smooth as possible."

Supporting Children's Learning Code of Practice (p73)

How good is our school, Ensuring Effective Transitions (2006) states:

"...pastoral care and emotional and social well being, including friendships, are essential factors in encouraging and supporting children. They also help to maintain an ethos of success and achievement

It also highlights the need for a flexible approach when planning to meet individual needs at the transitional time

"There is no need to reduce the quality of your existing pastoral care arrangements. Indeed, where necessary, you should continue to succeed to improve them."

Quote from a teacher

Charlie Marr - Pupil Support teacher
Bo'ness Primary

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