The Process of Transition

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Issue 1: Authority initiatives: Preparing pupils for the move


Task 1.4 - Further authority initiatives

  • Listen to the clips below
  • Reflect upon transition in your own authority/schools
  • Share your authority's practice with your group
  • Complete the task below

Consider your P7 pupils with dyslexia first of all

  1. Are they moving to secondary as 'confident learners'?
  2. Do they have an understanding of dyslexia?
  3. Do they know their strengths?
  4. Have they been supported to recognise and use metacognition?

  • Make a plan of action by considering some aspects from the authority responses in the clips that you feel might transfer to your own school.
  • You may wish to consult the spreadsheet below which are examples of practice from five authorities.

    examples of practice

Task sheet TP1.4

Plan of action

Primary/secondary liaison

Trudy Ford - P7 teacher
Nethermains Primary

• Transition arrangements

Summer schools

Grange Primary

• Summer School at the Academy

Bo'ness Academy

• Summer School was good

Charlie Marr - Pupil Support teacher
Bo'ness Primary

• Secondary - primary liaison

Transition Booklet

Transition Booklet: Word or PDF

Transition co-ordinators/Float system

Dorothy Connelly - P6 to S2 coordinator
Stonelaw High

• Passing information from primary to secondary

Anne Bell
Alford Academy

• Float system helps primary/secondary liaison

Margaret Currie - ASL teacher - Alford Community School Network


• Preparing pupils for secondary (i)